1. When we work, we build communication bridges and erase language barriers of our customers.
  2. In doing so, we adhere to moral and ethic principles.
  3. We do all reasonable effort to deliver quality work on time.
  4. We think quality is key and we do our best to achieve its continuous improvement, with all available means.
  5. We do not only try to meet our customers‘ expectations, but we also think of ourselves and work only on working days – unless it is absolutely necessary to protect the life/health or property of our customers.
  6. During our work we respect our customers, we communicate with them and try to fulfill their requirements, unless it violates the law or moral/ethic principles.
  7. As a principle, we do not disclose the details and contents of our work – we do not disclose any relevant information to third parties and do not hand over the translations to other than the customer.
  8. We request payment only for delivered work.
  9. Our aim is long-term cooperation, not making big money fast.
  10. We accept only jobs we can deliver in good quality, on time, to the satisfaction of our customer.
  11. We are grateful for every new opportunity to show what we can do.